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Register to be a SRP Member

The Singapore Register of Psychologist (SRP) is a voluntary register with 2 main aims:

  1. To protect the welfare of the users of psychological services.
  2. To maintain and advance the professional standards of psychological service providers.

The SRP seeks to ensure the service quality of Registered Psychologist through a voluntary regulatory system that promotes transparency, accountability and professionalism in psychological services. Although registration is not yet mandatory for practice in Singapore, registration does have two benefits:

Professional Recognition

The status of a Registered Psychologist affirms that a psychologist has achieved a professional standard of ethical practice recognized by the SPS. Prior to obtaining an official approval from the SPS, applicants must refrain from using the title of a ‘Registered Psychologist (Singapore)’. Increasingly, institutions are hiring only psychologists who are registered or eligible for registration. In addition, the SRP directory serves as a basis of referrals for various professionals and service users. A published list of members of the SRP can be found on the SPS website (

Professional Development at Reduced Rates

Registered Psychologists are entitled to reduced registration fees for Professional Development activities organised by the SPS.

What is required to be Registered?

Applicants must meet 2 sets of criteria to qualify (expand each point):

Criteria 1:

Criteria 2:

ONE of the following qualifiers has to be met:

How do I apply?

If you are a qualified psychologist registering for the first time, please have the following documents ready to facilitate the ease of online application.

  • Completed application form (online application)
  • Full SPS Membership (e.g., SPS Membership Number)
  • *Certified true copies of all transcripts and certificates
  • *Certified true copies of Practicum/Supervision Hours OR certified true copies of documents verifying that you are/were a licensed psychologist practicing as a professional psychologist in: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America.
  • One copy of NRIC or passport (scanned in)
  • One passport sized photograph (scanned in)
  • Two character reference forms (Download). Please upload these forms in your online application.
  • Application fee of $100 (made payable to the Singapore Psychological Society). Please follow the payment instructions when submitting your application (Paypal preferred).

*Certified true copy of the original means that the copy must be stamped and signed by the issuing university or institute of higher learning, or notary public, or government body or restructured hospital.  Each copy must be certified and clearly indicate the name and address of the certifying officer.  A stamp stating only "True copy certified" will not be accepted.

Important Information

Current SPS Members

If you are currently a SPS member and would like to apply for SRP, please login to your website account first if you have a username and password and follow the instructions on the online form.

If you do not have a login, just use the online form below and follow instructions for registration. We will create a login for you once your membership is approved.

Non-SPS members

Please ensure that you have obtained SPS membership before applying for SRP. You will have a username and password upon signing up for SPS membership.

When this is approved, login to your account before applying for SRP membership. This will ensure that your email address is tied to both memberships.

Standards Development and Professional Development Policy

When the SRP was first formed at the end of December 2001, the standards, which were set to qualify for registration, were appropriate to the developmental stage of the profession of psychology in Singapore at that time. As the profession matures, these standards will be revisited. Initial registration requirements in Singapore consisted of a Masters or Doctoral degree in Applied Psychology, full membership of SPS and evidence of 400 hours of supervised experience, of which 240 hours had to involve face to face client contact (60%), 80 hours had to involve supervision including at least 40 hours of individual (one-to-one) supervision (20%) and 80 hours could have consisted of other activities (e.g., psychological report writing)(20%).

Over the years, we moved to require an increase in the current practicum requirements from 400 to 600 hours, to 800 hours and eventually to 1000 hours in January 2010 to meet international standards. Please note that the current 2010 breakdown requirements for hours were reviewed in 2016 to reflect the following: (please refer to the SRP Application Form for more details).

 Pre 20062006 - 20072008 - 20092010 onwards
Total Hours4006008001000
Client Contact* 240 (60%)300 (50%)360 (45%)400
Supervision**80 (20%)120 (20%)160 (20%)180
Other***80 (20%)180 (30%)280 (35%) 420

* Client contact includes any contact with the client and significant others, and professionals working with the client. 

** A least 50% must be individual supervision

*** This can include report writing, research, etc relevant to the client being seen.

For occupational/IO psychology only

* Client contact includes any direct contact with stakeholders.  This includes conducting assessments (psychometric, structured interviews etc), delivery of feedback for tests and surveys, training and development for groups and individuals, consultations.

** Distinction between individual and group sup does not apply.

*** This can include report writing, survey design and set up, data analysis, research and writing and any other support work relevant to the product/service delivery to the client.

Notification of Registration Status

Successful applicants will be notified by email followed by post. They will receive the following:

  • Certificate of Registration (suitable for framing and display at the place of professional practice)
  • SRP registration number
  • Effective period of the registration
  • Permission to use the title “Registered Psychologist”

Unsuccessful applicants will receive notification by email only. Details concerning what they must do to be approved for registration will be provided in the email.

NOTE: Applicants must refrain from using the title of a ‘Registered Psychologist (Singapore)’ until they have received official notification of their status via email.

Renewal of SRP Registration

All Registered Psychologists must renew their registration on an annual basis by paying the annual dues of $200.00 (SGD), consisting of both SPS ($100) and SRP ($100) membership fees. Failure to renew on time will result in a $50 late processing fees.  Failure to renew registration beyond one year will result in automatic de-registration.  However, you are welcome to register as a new applicant at any point in time.

Professional development is required for continued registration as a psychologist in Singapore. 60 hours of professional development are required every two years. Documentation of this training must be submitted in December of odd numbered years with the PD log form. Psychologists are advised to keep this log up to date to be ready to submit it when requested in the PD review year. All SRP members will be notified in October when PD logs are requested in December of odd numbered years.

Code of Professional Ethics

Registered Psychologists must uphold and maintain the SPS Code of Professional Ethics. Of particular importance is that they provide services only in their respective areas of competence. Disciplinary measures may be taken by the SPS Council toward any members who violate the Code of Professional Ethics.

Professional Liability

Registered Psychologists are solely responsible for their own professional liability arising from any litigation related to their psychological practice.  The SPS (including the Council) shall not be held liable for any litigation brought against any of the Registered Psychologists or SPS Members arising from professional negligence or malpractice.

SRP Register

The SRP is a public document that contains the following information on the Registered Psychologists: names and e-mail addresses. To update any of your details, you may contact the secretariat of the SPS.

Online Registration

Yearly SRP Membership Fees: $100

1 time admin fee: $50

Online Application for SRP Membership

Manual Registration

Yearly SRP Membership Fees: $100

1 time admin fee: $50

Manual Form for SRP membership (Only to be used when online form is not available.)