SPS – NTUC U Associate

SPS and NTUC U Associate
5th July 2016
Signing of MoU with NTUC U Associate

NTUC U Associate

On the 5th of July 2016, SPS and NTUC U Associate signed an MoU for the purpose of reaching out and engaging professionals in the field of psychology, to work towards members of SPS enjoying dual membership benefits with NTUC as well as co-organising and creating joint programmes to engage psychologists in Singapore. The MoU signing was followed by a dialogue with NTUC Secretary-General Mr Chan Chun Sing where SPS Council highlighted the need to regulate psychologists as a professional body and emphasised the importance of regulation as a way to keep the profession attractive as well as to safeguard the users of psychological services in Singapore.  It was a heartening and productive session for all parties involved.

18th August 2016
Celebrating National Day as a New U Associate Member



Following the signing of the MoU, On 18 August 2016, Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate National Day with the Labour Movement as a new U Associate Member. The Labour Movement is huge and comprises of 60 affiliated unions, two affiliated associations, 11 social enterprises, six related organisations as well as a growing ecosystem of U Associates and enterprise partners. Everyone is united by the common goal to thrive when our economy is doing well and even when it is not. The camaraderie is really strong, and the spirit of mutual support and solidarity fills the air. There are already plans to work with some of the other organization in the Labour Movement to benefit SPS members. Be sure to look out for them.