Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore

The Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) is pleased to announce the establishment of the “Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore” (AOCPS).

The inaugural ‘Award for Outstanding Service to Psychology in Singapore’ (AOSPS) was presented during the 25th SPS Annual General Meeting in March 2003. The AOSPS was renamed as AOCPS in 2004.

Purposes and criteria of AOCPS

Recipients of the AOCPS must be psychologists working in Singapore and are selected by the SPS Council based on one or more of the following criteria:

1. Demonstrated exceptional service or made distinguished contributions to the SPS
2. Made distinguished contributions in serving the public or a community through their psychological knowledge and skills.
3. Made distinguished contributions that have advanced psychology as a science and/or profession.

The recipients of the AOCPS can be Members or non-Members of the SPS. The AOCPS is presented to a maximum of two individuals biannually at the SPS’s Annual General Meeting, in which the elections of the Council Members are held. The Council may decide that there are no suitable nominations and therefore no presentations of the AOCPS for particular years.

Method of nomination

Only members of the SPS may submit nominations for the AOCPS. Each nominator should submit to the SPS.

(1) a letter of nomination (including a 100-word proposal, based on which the Council may formulate the final citation for the nominee);
(2) current curriculum vitae of the nominee;
(3) a letter of support from each of two persons familiar with the nominee’s
relevant contributions and
(4) supporting materials such as newspaper reports, journal articles and documentations of awards from relevant organisations.

The postmarked deadline for the nominations and all supporting materials is 31 December of the year immediately preceeding the AGM, in which the AOCPS is to be presented.

Checklist for nominations

1. Letter of nomination (including 100-word proposal for the final citation)
2. Current curriculum vitae of nominee
3. Two letters of support
4. Supporting materials (if applicable)
Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Send completed nomination to:

Singapore Psychological Society

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore

8 Eu Tong Sen Street #18-81 The Central

Singapore 059818