Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore (AOCPS) – 2015

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore (AOCPS) – 2015

The Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore (AOCPS) was presented at the 37th Annual General Meeting.

The Singapore Psychological Society is pleased to present the AOCPS to Dr. Bernard Lim.

Citation for Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Singapore (AOCPS) 2015

Dr. Bernard Lim is presently the Head of MINDEF’s Defense Psychology Dept (DPD) and the Singapore Armed Forces’ Chief Psychologist. As the Chief Psychologist, he is responsible for the management of MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces` psychology resources as well as the provision of psychology support for organisational excellence and operational effectiveness.

Dr. Bernard Lim has served for more than fifteen years as a Military Psychologist, from being a process and OD consultant, to managing the Ministry’s organisational-research requirements and developing military psychology to support the SAF in operations. One of the many things he did was to support the SAF’s first United Nations combat peacekeeping mission to Timor Leste, (then known as East Timor), in 2001.  In 2004, he successfully led the SAF’s effort in communicating its humanitarian assistance relief in the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami.

Dr. Bernard Lim was actively involved in MINDEF’s assessment centre methods and scholarships selection programmes, and in supporting the SAF in psychological debriefing efforts as part of its consequence management programme. He managed the deployment of MINDEF and SAF psychologists to support the aftermath of the SilkAir Flight MI185 crash in Palembang (Indonesia) in 1997 as well as the SIA Flight SQ006 crash in Taiwan 2000. Arising from these experiences, he was involved in training psychological debriefers as part of the National Emergency Behaviour Management framework.

Having received his PhD in org psychology in 2001, Dr. Bernard Lim has published research on cognitive behaviour therapy, battlefield stress, team-building, organizational culture and leadership. In 1995 his article ‘Examining the organizational culture and organizational link’ published in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal was awarded a Citation of Excellence for its outstanding contribution to the literature and body of knowledge.

Dr. Bernard Lim’s personal interest and passion in enhancing the profession is seen in his participation in SPS first being a member in 1994 until 2005 when he took on the position of vice president in the council and as president in 2007 which he held until 2013.  He

  1. Revised the SPS mission to focus on its contributions to Singapore society
  2. Initiated the engagement of a full-time secretariat as part of the effort to professionalize the management of the SPS
  3. Initiated amendment of the SPS constitution to facilitate more stability in the SPS leadership and management

Dr. Bernard Lim has been an advocate for indigenising the practice of psychology and has pushed the SPS to support more local research.  To this end he presided over the student research award (formerly the undergraduate research award) to become more inclusive local research platform.

Dr. Bernard Lim has also been active in seeking partnership between SPS and the civil service psychology agencies so that a more coordinated approach to developing psychology in Singapore can be achieved.  To this end he actively supported recent efforts for the SPS to discuss regulation issues with the civil service psychology agencies.  His passion for the society continues to linger after his term in council, where he continues to contribute to the profession.