SPS 40 T-shirt Orders

Earlier last year, we asked what you would like to have to express your pride for SPS. We have a clear winner: a shirt! We heard you and we have designed a shirt. In view of SPS40, we will have a special edition shirt ready for you in March 2019. Place order now to avoid disappointment!

Pre-Order Date

Pre-order ends on 12 March 2019Click on the “Register Now” button on the right to buy your shirts.

Shirt Design

Colour: Maroon (only one colour) / Material: Dry-Fit

Front Facing Print:

SPS Logo

Left Sleeve Print:

Celebrating 40 years

Science. Professionalism. Society

Size Chart

Please refer to the size chart for the appropriate size(s).

Other Details

Price: $20 each

Note: Shirts will only be available for those who have placed an order before the order-by date. Shirts can be collected at AGM on 30th March 2019. SPS will not be selling any shirt at the event.


  • Shirts will sell until
    12:00 am