[IO Psychology SIG] Psychometric (Ability and Personality) Test Use in Occupational Settings

Industrial Organisational Psychology​ SIG presents:
Psychometric (Ability and Personality) Test Use in Occupational Settings​

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Psychological tests are used in all walks of life to assess ability, personality and behaviour. A test can be used as part of the selection process for job interview or to assess children in schools. Tests may be used to assess people with mental health issues or offenders in prisons. To ensure that professionals using tests are appropriately qualified, the British Psychological Society has developed qualification standards defining the knowledge and skills that should be held by anybody using a psychological test.

In the field of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (aka Occupational Psychology), psychometric assessments are tools we used for the purposes of selection and development, and psychologists who perform these tasks have to be trained in the usage of tests. The BPS Qualification in Test Use (also the standard for European Federation of Psychological Psychologists’ Associations) has been the standard IO psychologists in Singapore have to acquire in order to use psychometric tests in their professional role.

In this session we would like to share important information about psychometric test use in the workplace, the training and certification standards of the BPS/ EFPA Level 1 and 2 occupational test user training, and the importance of such standards for Psychologists and Occupational professionals working in HR departments, employment agencies or consultancies offering testing services, whose role involves testing for personnel selection, development or career guidance and advice.​

Date: 2nd October 2020
Time: 1800-1930 hrs
Fees: No charges. Open to all SPS members and members of the public.


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Speaker Profile

Carl Francis​​​​​​

Carl Francis is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Registered Occupational Psychologist with a Practicing Certificate with the Health and Care Professions Council (UK). Carl is also a verified assessor for BPS/ EFPA certificates of competence in Occupational Testing, and has been training occupational test users globally for over 20 years.

As Director of European Operations at Podium Systems Ltd. and Owner Director of Individual Differences Ltd. Carl’s work helps clients understand and utilise the science that informs practical workplace psychology. His professional roles and experience in making knowledge accessible and educating others remains a prime motivator for him today. Prior to working as a psychologist, Carl gained leadership experience as a Royal Air Force Officer during a 17-year career as an aerospace engineer and Technical Teacher. He has extensive practical experience in Personal Development, Organisational Development, Coaching, Training, and Occupational Assessment (psychometrics)

Carl holds an MSc in Occ. Psych. from Birkbeck College, University of London and an MEd (psychology of education) from the University of Nottingham.​





    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm