[Coaching Psychology SIG]: Applied Neuroscience in Coaching Psychology (2 parts)

Applied Neuroscience in Coaching Psychology

In two sessions, April 11 2018 and May 22 2018, Dr Paul Brown will talk about the developing field of applied neuroscience, its applications to executive coaching, organisational behaviour and leadership development; and the challenge that it presents to psychology and practising psychologists.

The first session will start with an overview of what is currently understood about the way the brain works, the search for connectivity, the emerging science of epigenetics, and what this information means for practising coaches and psychologists. The second session will start with a brief re-cap of the first but then extend itself into the questions What is a person? and What is an organisation? The view is offered that applied neuroscience may provide answers to those questions upon which the various disciplines and fields of psychology have so far not found consensus.

Our Trainer

Dr Paul Brown is Faculty Professor, Organizational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland; Chairman, the International Business Group, Ho Chi Minh City attached to the Department of Science and Technology Energy Conservation Centre, HCMC; External Advisor, International Energy Research Centre, the Tyndall National Institute, University of Cork, Ireland; International Chairman of the Vietnam Consulting Group, HCMC; International Director of SIRTailors, HCMC, and Chairman of Global Leaders, Vietnam. He teaches as a guest lecturer at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program in HCMC and taught annually at the UK’s Royal College of Defence Studies for twenty-five years. He has a long-standing professional advisory interest in how family businesses are handed on to the next generation and in innovation, creativity, start-ups and incubators.

A clinical and organisational psychologist and executive coach and supervisor, he has co- authored Neuropsychology for Coaches: understanding the basics (2012) McGraw-Hill/Open University Press; River Dragon (a novel, 2014); Neuroscience for Leadership: harnessing the brain gain advantage (2015) Palgrave Macmillan (which won a category Gold in the 2016 Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Management Book of the Year’ awards); and The Fear-Free Organization (2015) Kogan Page. He writes an occasional column called Brain Gain for the IEDP management magazine Developing Leaders. In February 2016 he predicted in print that Donald Trump would become President of the United States.

Dr Brown lives in Vietnam and Laos and consults and teaches in S E Asia, Europe and America. He has created and teaches a world-first distance-learning Masters program in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations. In India he is part of the new consultancy InnerGram, devoted to bringing applied neuroscience to the Indian business community.


11 Apr (Wed) – Applied Neuroscience in Coaching Psychology (part 1)

22 May (Tue) – Applied Neuroscience in Coaching Psychology (part 2)

Where: MDIS, 501 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148951

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm


Coaching Psychology SIG members – $35 per session / $50 for both sessions

Non-SPS members – $105 per session / $150 for both sessions

Free for psychology students and faculty staff of MDIS (please provide student card number under SPS membership number box).

Please note that seats are limited, registration is on first-come-first-serve basis. Please sign up by 20th May 2018.

Please note that registration is not refundable.

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  • Applied Neuroscience in Coaching Psychology (Part 1)
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
    - Part 1 of Dr Brown's talk.
  • Applied Neuroscience in Coaching Psychology (Part 2)
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Venue:   Management Development Institute of Singapore

Venue Website:

MDIS, 501 Stirling Rd, Singapore, S148951, Singapore