[Ad] Two Rivers Retreat presents week-long mindfulness retreat

You are invited to attend a week-long mindfulness retreat in beautiful Koh Phangan, Thailand, facilitated by experienced psychologists, 31 August – 8 September 2019.

Our retreats are a fun, practical exploration of the powerful skills of mindfulness and self-compassion. Run by experienced psychologists and experts on mindfulness, you will learn a number of powerful tools as well as deepening your self-awareness and clarity around what is really important in life.

Earn CPD points and at the same time slow down and relax, improve your physical health through healthy eating, meditation and yoga, and perhaps most importantly, form genuine connections with like-minded people from around the world.

Learning Outcomes:

As well as relaxing and being pampered, you will learn simple, evidence-based tools to:

  • Manage your stress better
  • Relate to difficult thoughts and emotions in a healthier way
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Respond better to life’s challenges (rather than reacting in unhelpful ways)
  • Develop a daily mindfulness practice and use mindful self-compassion skills in everyday life
  • Increase your self-awareness and learn how to let this guide your choices and goal-setting
  • Be more present with yourself and your clients
  • Develop emotional resilience and balance
  • Improve concentration
  • Teach your clients how to practise mindfulness and mindful self-compassion

According to recent research studies, mindfulness and self-compassion are related to reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, better emotional well-being, relationships, and self-care. Based on neuroscience and the latest research, we have put together a program combining mindfulness and self-compassion practices as well as tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The program is interactive and engaging. It includes some theoretical background, lots of practical exercises and an opportunity to practice mindful communication so we can share experiences and learn from one another.

About the presenters:

Dr Richard Chambers

Richard is an internationally-recognised expert in mindfulness. He is the author of three books on mindfulness. He helped develop Smiling Mind and he is leading an initiative at Monash University to create the world’s first mindful university, embedding mindfulness into the core curriculum for all students. Since 1999, Richard has helped a growing number of individuals, educational institutions, businesses, professional sporting teams and community
organisations use mindfulness to improve their wellbeing and performance.


Dr Alla Demutska

Alla has experience in treating a wide range of psychological problems in both private and public settings. Alla is very passionate about working with groups of people. Alla facilitated a variety of different group programs including CBT, ACT, schema therapy, mindfulness-based therapies in hospitals and in private practice. Mindfulness and mindful self-compassion are at the core of her practices and techniques.



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