Educational Psychology Special Interest Group

Educational Psychology Special Interest Group

Contact Information

Chairperson: Liza Thia

Co-Chairperson: Margaret Ting

Membership: Kevin Leong / Mifrando Obach

Events: Jae Tan


Started 2017

About Us

The objectives of the SPS Educational Psychology SIG include the following:

  • To build a community of educational psychologists
  • To provide a platform for sharing of information, developing professional skills and knowledge, group networking, and peer support for educational psychologists

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Member Eligibility Criteria

Membership in the EP SIG will be open to:

· SPS members who possess a Master/Doctoral/Postgraduate qualification in Educational or School Psychology

· SPS members who are currently undergoing a Master/Doctoral/Postgraduate training in Educational or School Psychology

Educational Psychology SIG Registration

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